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$ 54.99
  • 8.0" x 31.8"
  • 14.25 Wheelbase

"I'm just a patsy" shouted Lee Harvey Oswald in the Dallas police precinct as he was booked for the murder of President John F Kennedy. A crime he vehemently denied having committed all the way up to the moment he was shot dead on live TV by Jack Ruby. And now, with Oswald dead and no need for a trial, the result was a public convinced of his guilt. A presumption that was solidified when Life Magazine ran a cover photo of Oswald on their February 1964 issue holding a rifle and a communist propaganda newspaper. A photo reportedly discovered in his home after his arrest. But years later many independent investigators began to suspect the Life Magazine photo to be a fake. And soon enough, several photographic experts confirmed that the shadows on Oswald's eyes and chin were inconsistent with the shadow cast by his lower body, concluding that the photo was indeed doctored to place Oswald's face on someone else's body. Yet another piece of the puzzle hinting at an intricate conspiracy to use Oswald as a patsy and frame him for the murder of JFK.

This brand new deck from Theories combines this incredible story with a slight twist, combining the classic Chad Muska Shorty's graphic from the early 2000's.

The board comes available in several sizes and is made with high quality Generator wood. 


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