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Completes Guide

This guide is to help you decide which size complete will best suit your needs. Pre-assembled completes come in four general sizes: Micro, Mini, Mid, and Full Size. This size guide is for regular popsicle-shaped completes.


  • Age Range: Ages 5 & younger
  • Height: Under 3'4" tall
  • Shoe Size: Size 3 or smaller
  • 'Micro' decks range from 6.5" to 6.75" wide


  • Age Range: 6-8 years
  • Height: 3'5" to 4'4"
  • Shoe Size: 4-6
  • 'Mini' decks are generally around 7" wide


  • Age Range: 9-12 years
  • Height: 4'5" to 5'2"
  • Shoe Size: 7-8
  • 'Mid' decks range from 7.1" to 7.4" wide


  • Age Range: 13 years or older
  • Height: 5'3" or taller
  • Shoe Size: 8.5 or bigger
  • Full size decks are usually 7.5"-8.5" wide

    Please note that these are all recommended ranges; personal preference can always supersede these recommendations. There is no 'wrong size' for any individual per se, but it will generally be most comfortable to stick to the recommended size range. If you are between two size ranges and unsure which one to settle for, it is usually recommended to opt for the larger of the two sizes.