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Building a Complete Skateboard

Here's what you'll need:

Optional Components:

NOTICE: If you want your board to be gripped or assembled, you MUST SPECIFY in the "Special Instructions" box located on the shopping cart page. If you choose a griptape with graphics on it, please specify whether you skate "Goofy" or "Regular", as this will determine which way we put the griptape on. Let us know if you want anything done a certain way ('wheel graphics facing in', etc.). By allowing us the privilege of assembling your board, you agree that we are not responsible for mis-gripping or any possible errors from assembly or incurred during shipping. We are more than happy to assemble your board for you. If no assembly instructions are given, we will ship the board unassembled. There is no extra charge for assembly. 

Items commonly sold with completes:

  • Protective Gear
  • Tools
  • Wax
  • Stickers